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Ahmed Ibrahim's Statistics

Name Ahmed Ibrahim Hours 134.04
Pilot ID QTR0974 Flights 43
Hub OTHH Distance Flown 42289 miles
Rank Trainee Last Flight Yesterday
Hire Date: 07/05/2019 Last Flight Date 05/30/2020

My Bio

Ahmed Ibrahim joined Qatar Virtual 331 days ago, and is based out of the OTHH hub. Ahmed Ibrahim was given the Pilot ID of QTR0974. Is currently holding a rank of Trainee. QTR0974 currently has 43 flights totalling 134.04 flight hours. QTR0974 last flight was on May 30, 2020, Yesterday. QTR0974 has a best landing landing of -45 with an average landing of -291. Also with a worst landing of -291. QTR0974 has earned $ 4, 010.50 since joining Qatar Virtual on July 05, 2019. has also earned 0 awards flying with Qatar Virtual.

Ahmed Ibrahim (Hired 331 days ago!)

Ahmed Ibrahim's Landings Stats

Best Landing: -45
Average Landing: -291
Worst Landing: -291

Awards (0)

Pilot has not earned any awatds yet. Maybe send him a reminder to fly.

PIREP's List (43)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
QTR499 OIIE OTHH 777-3DZ(ER) (A7-BER) 02.02.07 05/30/2020 Approval Pending
QTR498 OTHH OIIE 777-3DZ(ER) (A7-BER) 02.27.52 05/30/2020 Accepted
QTR258 LTAC OTHH A320-232 (A7-AHA) 04.12.36 05/28/2020 Accepted
QTR257 OTHH LTAC A320-232 (A7-AHA) 03.38.35 05/25/2020 Accepted
QTR443 ORBI OTHH A320-214 (A7-LAB) 03.02.14 05/24/2020 Accepted
QTR442 OTHH ORBI A320-214 (A7-LAB) 02.31.29 05/23/2020 Accepted
QTR1075 OKBK OTHH A320-232 (A7-ADD) 01.55.38 05/19/2020 Accepted
QTR1090 OTHH OKBK A320-214 (A7-LAE) 01.33.01 05/17/2020 Accepted
QTR615 OPIS OTHH A330-202 (A7-ACK) 04.13.52 05/14/2020 Accepted
QTR614 OTHH OPIS A330-202 (A7-ACK) 04.41.04 05/12/2020 Accepted
QTR419 OLBA OTHH A330-202 (A7-ACJ) 03.26.25 05/09/2020 Accepted
QTR418 OTHH OLBA A330-202 (A7-ACJ) 04.08.45 05/07/2020 Accepted
QTR621 OPLA OTHH 777-2DZ(LR) (A7-BBF) 03.51.51 05/06/2020 Accepted
QTR620 OTHH OPLA 777-2DZ(LR) (A7-BBF) 03.16.44 05/03/2020 Accepted
QTR1137 OOMS OTHH 777-3DZ(ER) (A7-BEJ) 01.12.20 05/01/2020 Accepted
QTR1136 OTHH OOMS 777-3DZ(ER) (A7-BEJ) 02.04.26 04/20/2020 Rejected
QTR28 EGCC OTHH 777-3DZ(ER) (A7-BAN) 05.56.45 04/15/2020 Accepted
QTR27 OTHH EGCC 777-3DZ(ER) (A7-BAJ) 08.11.29 04/06/2020 Rejected
QTR403 OJAI OTHH A330-302 (A7-AEI) 02.57.45 03/30/2020 Accepted
QTR404 OTHH OJAI A350-941 (A7-ALV) 02.44.21 03/25/2020 Rejected
QTR246 LTFM OTHH A350-941 (A7-AMI) 03.53.54 03/16/2020 Accepted
QTR245 OTHH LTFM A350-941 (A7-AMI) 03.21.43 03/13/2020 Accepted
QTR419 OLBA OTHH A330-202 (A7-ACJ) 02.59.51 03/07/2020 Accepted
QTR418 OTHH OLBA A330-202 (A7-ACJ) 03.35.03 03/06/2020 Accepted
QTR1136 OTHH OOMS 777-3DZ(ER) (A7-BEJ) 02.04.54 03/02/2020 Accepted
QTR184 LOWW OTHH A350-941 (A7-ALG) 04.53.40 02/29/2020 Accepted
QTR183 OTHH LOWW A350-941 (A7-ALG) 06.00.10 02/21/2020 Accepted
QTR418 OTHH OLBA A330-202 (A7-ACJ) 03.47.21 02/13/2020 Accepted
QTR450 OTHH ORER A320-232 (A7-AHX ) 02.58.12 01/18/2020 Accepted
QTR1079 OKBK OTHH A330-202 (A7-ACM) 01.57.37 01/12/2020 Accepted
QTR245 OTHH LTFM A330-303 (A7-AEA) 04.31.23 01/11/2020 Accepted
QTR1079 OKBK OTHH A330-202 (A7-ACM) 01.37.23 01/07/2020 Accepted
QTR313 OTHH LTAC 777-3DZ(ER) (A7-BEJ) 04.05.25 01/05/2020 Accepted
QTR1082 OTHH OKBK 777-3DZ(ER) (A7-BAP) 01.15.57 01/01/2020 Accepted
QTR1079 OKBK OTHH A330-202 (A7-ACM) 01.53.45 12/29/2019 Accepted
QTR1078 OTHH OKBK A330-202 (A7-ACM) 00.44.34 12/27/2019 Accepted
QTR1071 OKBK OTHH A330-302 (A7-AEG) 02.16.54 12/19/2019 Accepted
QTR1070 OTHH OKBK A330-302 (A7-AEG) 01.30.55 12/17/2019 Accepted
QTR421 OLBA OTHH A330-202 (A7-AFP ) 02.21.57 12/17/2019 Accepted
QTR420 OTHH OLBA A330-202 (A7-AFP ) 02.49.17 11/13/2019 Rejected
QTR421 OLBA OTHH A330-202 (A7-ACE ) 3.19 11/08/2019 Rejected
QTR1323 OTHH HSSS A330-202 (A7-ACG) 04.05.47 10/26/2019 Accepted
QTR1071 OKBK OTHH A330-302 (A7-AEG) 01.45.14 10/23/2019 Accepted
QTR1339 OTHH HSSS A320-232 (A7-AHR) 02.48.08 10/04/2019 Rejected
QTR675 VRMM OTHH A330-202 (A7-ACC ) 02.35.01 09/21/2019 Accepted
QTR674 OTHH VRMM A330-202 (A7-ACC ) 05.35.20 09/14/2019 Accepted
QTR1081 OKBK OTHH A320-232 (A7-ADC) 02.17.02 09/12/2019 Accepted
QTR257 OTHH LTAC A320-232 (A7-AHW) 03.46.34 08/05/2019 Rejected
QTR1079 OKBK OTHH A330-202 (A7-ACM) 02.32.23 07/14/2019 Accepted
QTR1080 OTHH OKBK A320-232 (A7-ADC) 01.40.50 07/13/2019 Accepted
QTR8 EGLL OTHH B777-300 (A7-BED) 04.35.47 07/09/2019 Accepted
QTR457 OTHH EGLL B777-300 (A7-BAH ) 7.03 07/08/2019 Rejected

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