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Pilots: 174
Total Airline Hours: 15,175
Flights: 3,785
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 5,280,176
Aircraft: 203
Passengers: 26,117,318
Routes: 984

December 2019 Top Landings

No Greased Landings Recorded For December 2019

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Posted by Bader Alrandi on 06/10/2018

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Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
QTR1021Saufi FadzliOMDBOTHHA320-23201.07.03-295 ft/m Pending
QTR290Shiyam SunderLKPROTHHA320-23206.04-82 ft/m Accepted
QTR291Shiyam SunderOTHHLKPRB787-804.31-374 ft/m Accepted
QTR835Andriantsoa RAMIALISONVTBSOTHHB777-30007.03.47-421 ft/m Rejected
QTR571Shiyam SunderVIDPOTHHB787-802.45-573 ft/m Rejected
QTR570Shiyam SunderOTHHVIDPB787-802.36-277 ft/m Accepted
QTR1388Shiyam SunderHUENOTHHA320-23205.37-275 ft/m Accepted
QTR1387Shiyam SunderOTHHHUENA320-23205.37-281 ft/m Accepted
QTR834Andriantsoa RAMIALISONOTHHVTBSB777-30006.35.59-53 ft/m Accepted
QTR1031Shiyam SunderOMDWOTHHA321-23100.46-320 ft/m Accepted

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