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Pilots: 162
Total Airline Hours: 12,542
Flights: 3,279
Flights Today: 1
Miles Flown: 4,219,053
Aircraft: 201
Passengers: 26,003,411
Routes: 974

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Posted by Bader Alrandi on 06/10/2018

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
QTR773HUDSON GONCALVESOTHHSBGRB777-20014.25.06-121 ft/m Pending
QTR774HUDSON GONCALVESSBGROTHHB777-30013.29.39-82 ft/m Accepted
QTR1086Kostas KolliasOTHHOKBKA320-21401.08-231 ft/m Accepted
QTR904Dennis Baldizon LariosOTHHYMMLB777-30014.00.33-57 ft/m Accepted
QTR402Jasim KhairOTHHOJAIA330-30202.51-82 ft/m Accepted
QAC8271Sven DenningerOTHHEHAMB777F05.48-191 ft/m Accepted
QTR901Dennis Baldizon LariosYPPHOTHHB777-30011.40.22-339 ft/m Accepted
QTR148Ivan Santiago Hernandez GonzalezLEMDOTHHA350-94106.59.03-178 ft/m Accepted
QTR900Dennis Baldizon LariosOTHHYPPHB777-30012.01.04-864 ft/m Rejected
QTR506Billy TaradewaOTHHVOTVA321-23104.31-125 ft/m Rejected

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Bader AlrandiKuwait

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Andrés has chosen flight QAC8942 departing from OTHH arriving at VHHH,and will be flying a B777F (A7-BFH)

Recent Activity

QTR0530 HUDSON GONCALVES has filed a PIREP from OTHH to SBGR View Flight Report

QTR0843 Maurizio Fadda has just joined, welcome aboard! View Profile

QAC0842 Sandor Kardosi has just joined, welcome aboard! View Profile

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